Make Your Life Easier

Grow Your Revenue Without
Growing Your Workload

Ace 1 Method is packed full of features to automate and optimize your lead management. 

Now you can fill your calendar consistently without overwhelming your team.


Meet Your Virtual Front Desk

Automate critical new customers interactions to help you schedule more consults. Plus, see your new customers communication more clearly than ever.

Text Message & Email Automation

Our pre-built automations make it simple to execute an ideal follow-up schedule. Customize the messages to fit your brand or deploy our automations as-is. Either way, you’ll convert more leads and reduce no-shows.

Ace 1 Method Premium Features

ACE 1 METHOD Exclusive:

Dashboard Stats and Analytics:

Email Marketing:

Phone System:


Hot Feature:

Ace1Method offers various AI-powered features and functionalities that can greatly enhance your business operations for example A.I Content Generator, Create Content for you landing pages + Create Images Using A.I

All Communication In One Place

See your communication with each potential customers on one screen, whether it’s an outgoing text message/email or an incoming phone call.

Never lose a Post-It note or forget a conversation ever again.

Two Way Text Messaging

See all of your incoming and outgoing text messages in one place, whether they’re automated messages or manual replies.

Phone Call Recordings

All phone calls made or received through Ace 1 Method are recorded so you can go back and confirm details anytime you need.

Send & Receive Emails

Connect your email to see all automated and manual emails alongside text messages, calls and social messages.

Easy Social Media Management & Messaging

Respond to questions via Facebook Messenger, Google My Business or Instagram, without switching apps or windows.

Introducing Ace1method Mobile App

Your All-in-One Solution for Lead Generation Excellence

Boost your business performance and never miss a lead opportunity with Ace1method on your mobile device. Get started today and revolutionize your lead generation game

“Ace 1 Method helped us grow our monthly new patient starts by 150% in just a few months. Our patients love the communication and our team loves the automation — because it’s less work for them! ”

– Dr. Kristen Knecht, Knecht Orthodontics


Optimize Your Front Desk

Boost your team’s effectiveness and efficiency. Book more appointments and reduce no shows, 

and cut out time-wasting tasks that slow your team down.

Online Scheduling

Let your new customersrequest appointments online instantly to boost conversion rate and reduce time wasted in phone calls.

Appointment Reminders

Send automated text messages to new customersbefore their appointment to reduce no-shows and cancellations by up to 22%.

Curbside Check-In

Digitize new customer registration to make check-in easier and safer for both your customersand your team.

Chat Widget

Chat with potential customerswhile they’re on your website. Answer questions and book appointments in real-time.


Build a 5-Star Online Profile

Automate the process of reaching out to get more reviews from your customers. Five-star reviews build confidence and help you bring in more new customerswithout spending a penny!

Manage Your Reviews

“I really enjoy Ace 1 Method and how it tracks all the leads that are generated. I love the transparency! It really helps us nurture the leads so they can become a part of our family.”

– Dr. Naom Green, Green Orthodontics