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Put more customers into your list this month with the lead management
software that helps you automate and optimize new customers follow-up.

Ace 1 Method powers the all nation's fastest growing businesses...

If any of this sounds
familiar, then
Ace 1 Method is built for you:

Discover how to convert "bad leads" into more consults

The truth is there are no “bad leads” — only broken processes.

Digital leads expect you to respond immediately. They don’t care if it’s midnight, Sunday morning, or lunch break.

The research shows that if you don’t reply right away, they’ll move on to the first one who does.

It sounds simple enough. But the ideal follow-up is impossible for even the most-motivated front desk to pull off.

And that’s why you need Ace 1 Method — to help you do it quickly and efficiently.

Replace Your Expensive Software

Ace 1 Method CRM Saves You Money

Turn Cold Lead Into Paying Customers

With The Digital Front Desk That Never Takes a Coffee Break


Start More New Customers Every Month

Optimize your sales process with proven automation sequences for text messages, phone calls, and email. Create a leak-proof follow-up schedule that fills your calendar faster than ever.

“Ace 1 Method helped us grow our monthly new patient starts by 150% in just a few months. Our patients love the communication and our team loves the automation — because it’s less work for them! ”

– Dr. Kristen Knecht, Knecht Orthodontics


Watch Leads Become
Customers In Real-Time

Ace 1 Method digital front desk lets you see each step of your lead’s journey at any moment. The web and mobile apps show all your conversations on one screen, so you’ll never have to suffer a lost Post-It note or forget about a phone call.


For Every Type Of Business &
For Every Type Of Need

Ace 1 Method makes it easy to use to for every business to get more customers. 


Finally Get Tangible Results From
Your Marketing Dollars

Ace 1 Method makes it easy to see the profitability of each of your marketing channels. 

Now you can stop paying for clicks and start investing in results.

“I’ve worked with over 20 marketing companies in my career and this is the first one that’s stuck. Ace 1 Method gives tangible results that no one has been able to produce for us including how many new patients we’re generating from the money we’re spending.”

– Lauren Harwell, COO of Zammitti & Gidaly Orthodontics

Nurture your leads from cold to paying Customers

With Ace 1 Method , you’ll know exactly where all your leads come from and which leads turn into Customers. The ultimate way to ensure your practice keeps growing month, after month, after month.

Track every single lead, straight from the source

With Ace 1 Method, you’ll know exactly where all your leads come from and which leads turn into Customers. The ultimate way to ensure your practice keeps growing month, after month, after month.

Powerful Integration With
Your Many Other Software & Applications

In today’s digital landscape, harnessing the power of data and automation is the key to staying ahead. At Ace1Method, we know how crucial it is to connect your tools and systems smoothly for better business operations. That’s why we offer direct integrations with many top industry players

Third Party Integration:

We understand that your unique business needs may require additional connections and automation. That’s where third-party integration platforms like Zapier and Integrately come into play. With these powerful tools, you can connect Ace1method to a vast ecosystem of applications, opening up endless possibilities for streamlining and automating your workflows.

Transform Your Practice with the Virtual Front-Desk That's Easy to Use and 100% HIPAA Compliant

Helpful Support

Our team will help you get your traffic sources connected to Ace 1 Method and show your team how to use it. So you can start booking more consults within just a few days.

Fully HIPAA Compliant

Ace 1 Method uses industry-leading encryption and advanced security audits to ensure that you and your Customers’ valuable data stays safe, in the office and on your phone.

Desktop or Mobile

Work from anywhere on almost any device. Whether your team is at the front desk or working from home, your potential customers get the exceptional service they expect and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with Ace1method, you can kick things off with a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, you can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription, depending on your preference.
or a more in-depth understanding of Ace1method and its capabilities, you can schedule a personalized demo with us. During this one-on-one virtual meeting, we’ll guide you through our software, showcasing its features and functionality.
We’re committed to providing comprehensive support to our users. You can expect various support channels, including chat support for quick assistance, access to help documents for self-service, and live support through one-on-one Zoom calls when you need more in-depth assistance.
Yes, in addition to your subscription, there are some extra costs associated with specific features. These additional costs include the LC (phone and email) system, which covers all your calls, SMS, and email expenses. Furthermore, certain advanced AI features like the Content Generator, Image Generator, and Conversational AI come with exclusive, optional charges.
Absolutely, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time. We believe in providing our users with freedom and control over their subscription, and you can easily manage your subscription according to your needs.